HR Roulette

Talent Advisory

As talent experts, we help organizations pinpoint recruitment process deficits and advise on how to take advantage of opportunities. With talent experience, our advisors offer agile, innovative solutions that work best for your business. Whether you need targeted or holistic improvements, talent advisory can help. We get to know the values and structure of your company before supporting your team through implementation, so you can enjoy rapid and lasting benefits. Is your company struggling to acquire quality talent when and where you need it? Is recruitment costing too much? Are roles open for long periods of time? Is quality of hire an issue? If so, then talent advisory is for you.

What to expect from HR Roulette Talent Advisory?

With talent advisory, your company gains a supportive partner who helps you connect hiring data with decision making. A talent advisor will analyze recruitment metrics to determine current talent challenges your organization is facing. Examples of recruitment metrics include your employee turnover rate, the reach of your employer brand to internal and external talent, workforce engagement and candidate drop-off points in the hiring funnel. Following the analysis phase, your talent advisor will recommend targeted strategies to correct issues and seize opportunities. With this your organization will exploit the niche talent as you access top talent in your market or industry, when and where you need it.