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Occupational Safety

Managing the physical, mental, and social well-being of your workforce is of utmost importance. At HR Roulette, we help you take steps to avoid preventable illness or injuries related to work conditions. We partner with Motire OSHS who are approved by the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSHS) to offer workplace safety solutions. Motire team of DOSHS doctors bring in expertise from diverse fields all with the goal of making your workplace as safe as it can be.

Services include:

Designated Health Practitioners are on standby to work with you to create occupational safety and health policies and systems that will ensure optimal safety in your workplace.


Carrying out a comprehensive safety audit is the only way to know just how safe your workplace is. Through an audit, the effectiveness of current safety protocols can be assessed. Based on the result of the audit, shortcomings and areas of improvement are identified. Corrective measures can then be taken towards optimal workplace safety.

We do the following audits:

  • OSH Audit
  • Risk assessment Audit
  • Fire Safety Audit
  • Noise Survey Audit
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Stack Emissions Monitoring
  • Workplace Hygiene Audit

Experienced Occupational Safety and Health Auditors are available to formulate audit plans, implement them and then generate comprehensive audit reports.


A major aspect of ensuring safety in the workplace is equipping each worker with essential occupational safety and health training.

This enables workers to practice safe workplace habits, identify hazards in the workplace and take preventive measures. Additionally how to manage incidences of injury, infection, pollution, fire, etc.

A well-trained workforce is key to enforcing occupational safety policy and contributing to the overall state of well-being in the workplace.

We have expertise in designing and implementing safety training programs including:

  • OSH Training
  • Health Safety Committee Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Fire Safety Training

Each workplace is unique and so we strive to deliver customized training that will address all aspects of occupational safety.


The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection through the Directorate of Occupational Safety & Health Services (DOSHS) requires that all workplaces comply to the Occupational safety and health Act 2007.

This gives DOSHS the mandate to inspect workplaces to ensure that safety and health laws are followed. This may involve testing for pollutants, conducting medical examinations of workers, assessing equipment and building plans and so on.

Since industries vary and the safety guidelines are specific to each, it is not uncommon for an organization to overlook some details. Hence the need for approved OSH specialists to advice on occupational safety policy and to work with organization to ensure that every aspect of the safety policy is implemented.

We have vast experience in helping organizations comply with all safety guidelines that the government of Kenya has mandated. To learn more about the Directorate of Occupational Safety & Health Services, have a look at this web page.