Empower Your Resume with Action Verbs: A Guide to Highlighting Your Strengths

Resume action words are powerful tools to highlight your strengths and accomplishments on your resume. By using action verbs, you can create a more impactful and effective document that showcases your technical skills, hard skills, and soft skills in a compelling manner.

These action words eliminate the need for personal pronouns like “I,” “me,” or “my,” making your statements stronger and more straightforward. When crafting your resume summary, resume objective, or work experience sections, employing action verbs can significantly enhance the impression you leave on potential employers.

For instance, if you are a customer service professional describing your work history, instead of stating “Was responsible for taking phone calls,” an action word like “answered” will elevate your statement to “Answered an average of 30 incoming calls per day.” Notice how the action word conveys a stronger sense of ownership and accomplishment.

Similarly, as a software developer, you can effectively communicate your collaboration skills by replacing “I worked with five people to successfully launch new apps” with “Collaborated with five people across departments to successfully launch new apps.”

To use action verbs in your resume effectively, consider the following tips:

Look at resume examples from your field for inspiration and to get an idea of appropriate wording.

Tailor your resume to the job description, incorporating relevant keywords and action verbs that match the employer’s requirements.

Keep your phrases concise and directly related to the action verb. For instance, “Facilitated patient screening for 80+ bed hospital” is more impactful than “I was responsible for screening patients for a hospital with 80 beds.”

Enhance the power of your action verbs by quantifying your achievements. Instead of saying “Tasked with editing articles,” state “Edited an average of eight articles a day.”

If your job involves project management or leadership skills, consider using action verbs like “Oversaw,” “Conceptualized,” “Organized,” “Managed,” or “Supervised” to showcase your abilities effectively.

For roles that require problem-solving skills, incorporate action words such as “Clarified,” “Refocused,” “Updated,” “Improved,” or “Consolidated” to demonstrate your capacity to address challenges.

If your work involves research and analysis, consider action verbs like “Analyzed,” “Investigated,” “Measured,” “Evaluated,” or “Detected” to highlight your research and data analysis prowess.

Finally, regardless of the industry, strong communication skills are essential. Utilize action verbs such as “Presented,” “Authored,” “Spoke,” “Edited,” or “Responded” to showcase your effective verbal and written communication abilities.

By implementing these tips and carefully selecting appropriate action verbs, you can craft a compelling and impactful resume that effectively showcases your skills and experiences to potential employers.

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