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Use it to fix your career. It is lightning fast. No software to download is required. No multi-part sign-upform. No long-winded tutorials. Just a straightforward process.

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Choose professional, elegant, creative, or modern resume templates.

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Use the same template for your cover letter and resume.

What is HR Roulette CV Builder?

We offer you the best online resume builder and professional advice from career experts. We’ll guideyou through the entire recruitment process until you land that dream job.We helped job seekers in Kenya to find rewarding employment. With a rapidly growing community ofmore than 10 million job seekers a year, HR Roulette is arguably the Kenya’s fastest growing careeradvice destination.Each day, we help job seekers to write resumes and cover letters, and improve their chances of landing a job.

HR Roulette is powered by a team of career experts across all industries with vast experience in TalentManagement, Business Partnering, Headhunting and LinkedIn Recruiting.

Hr roulette cv builder is a career website focused on the jobseeker’s journey. We share expert  
knowledge, tips, and tools to help everyone to land their dream job.

Our website is divided into two main sections:

online cv builder and cover letter generator: pick your favorite cv template, and let our builder suggest
and add content tailored to your profile (which you can customize), and match your cv with a cover letter  
template, and download your application documents in pdf or Word format.

A career help blog, where you can find guides and examples on how to make a cv, how to write a cover
letter, or how to sail through an interview. We have guides, each of them written by career experts after
hours of careful research. Need a specific guide? Check out hundreds of resume examples, as many cv
examples, and all the cover letter examples you’ll ever need.

Using a cv builder makes the process of creating a cv significantly faster and easier. Ever tried building
your resume with the word?

The whole process is a huge pain you make a tiny change to your cv, and the entire cv layout gets
completely messed up.

With a cv builder, you do not have to worry about the nitty-gritty of cv creation, like font selection,
layout, formatting, etc.

All you have to do is pick a cv template, fill it in, and then you’re ready to start applying for jobs!

  1. Ats-friendly
    our cv templates are ats-friendly. It means your cv wont automatically be rejected because an ats
    cant read it.
  2. Creative and professional cv/ cover letter templates
    whatever cv template you’re looking for, we’ve got it! Whether it’s a classic black-and-white template,
    or something a bit more outside the box, we have what you need!
  3. Live content feedback
    our cv builder provides real-time feedback on your cv content, ensuring that your cv reaches its full
  4. Edit your resume in real time
    as you edit your resume with our builder, youll immediately see the changes applied to your document.
  1. Pick a template
    don’t sabotage your job search before it has even begun. Choose from our ats-friendly, hand-crafted
    cv/ cover letter templates.
  2. Customize your layout
    make the cv template truly your own. Customize the layout based on your experience level.
  3. Fill in the blanks
    fill in your basic role information, let our ai content analyzer do its job, and see your cv changes
    dynamically in real time.
  4. Review and hit ‘download! ‘
    and yes, you have it. You can come back edit and download in a period of 7 days with no additional

Hr roulette cv builder aims to make applying for a job fast and easy, for everyone. We believe that
professionals and inexperienced candidates alike should be able to apply for any job they want, without
being limited by their resume-making skills. We are committed to helping you every step along the way
to your dream job.

Our career specialists have been writing and publishing fresh career help guides for all jobseekers,
industries, and professions. Through free resources accessible to everyone, everywhere, hr roulette has
already helped hundreds of thousands of people to find the job they deserved. Find out how you can
achieve your career goals with our guidance:

resume help
cv help
cover letter help
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job search help
career advice

You can create as many resumes, cvs, and cover letters as you like. Theres no limit, and theyre all
safely stored in your online account! You can try all our templates, modify every single component, and
score your documents until youre fully satisfied and then download.