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The role of human resources in agribusiness expansion is focused on recruiting and managing a staff composed of both highly specialized professionals, semi-skilled laborers and unskilled labors. Agribusiness includes technical and labor-intensive activities that are required to optimize production from the inputs that are invested in crop production and animal husbandry. Agribusiness expansion, therefore, requires HR departments to conduct proper planning of workforce requirements in all sectors of crop and livestock production.

The HR office works closely with the operations management team to determine the adequate number of specialized workforce and farm support laborers that will be required to handle the increased volumes of farm activities and produce marketing. To this end, HR plays the role of ensuring that the personnel requirements for supporting the different technical agricultural processes and marketing activities of the agribusiness are adjusted to match the additional activities that come with expansion. HR either multi-tasks the workforce or recruits specialized employees to ensure that the skills, farm machinery and labor-intense activities are supplied with adequate number of personnel.