About HR Roulette

The mission of our business is to fuel yours, providing you with the best HR solutions wherever you are through customizing unique solutions to meet your needs.

Our proposition is based on a flexible service delivery model providing you with the full end-to-end HR Solutions. Our flexibility and agility allow us to deliver innovative and niche client-focused solutions with embedded process improvements. We believe that we are the right partner in consistently and efficiently delivering world-class solutions to support you. With this in mind, we have the following unique set of capabilities for you:

  • Skill and expertise - We have done it before

“You expect us to have the requisite skills” We have a team of professionals with the requisite expertise, having served other numerous clients on assignments of the same magnitude as this.

  • Professional Indemnity

We guarantee consistent delivery of our services and in case of non-delivery, HR Roulette’s policy is to accept liability and indemnify our clients where negligence is from HR Roulette.

  • Technology and automation

We understand the challenges of your business and the importance of digitizing and automating processes in order to bring value to your business. As such, we have developed systems and processes that cater for the current business needs as well as having a dedicated technology team working to continuously update our technology to meet your future business needs.

  • Value Addition

This is forefront in our approach. As such, we will work with your team to bring value in the short term and long-term relationship. Economies of scale is an important part of our cost optimization plan and therefore we consider our relationship with you while putting up this proposal.

  • Confidentiality

HR is a sensitive function and confidentiality cannot be over emphasized. Our clients especially value the confidentiality and efficiency of our services and have demonstrated this by entrusting us with the management of their payrolls and staff records.

Why HR Roulette

With a cross-industry experience spanning from Manufacturing, Agriculture, Technology, Energy, Consumer
goods and Hospitality industries we deliver a comprehensive and tailor made solutions for your business.

Why HR Roulette

Delivering value

Our value is reflected in our high-quality services, our intuitive and innovative technology, transformation through transition, improved compliance and risk management, process efficiencies, cost savings, and learning and development opportunities for your team members. Furthermore, we commit to deliver ongoing value by proactively exploring new ideas that may bring efficiency and improve the overall processes.

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Why HR Roulette

A team focused on you

Our distinctive client service approach is embodied by a core team that underpins our commitment to you. Our teams have extensive industry experience and complementary skills to deliver high-quality services with technical proficiency and valuable insight. Our team is strategically positioned to deliver the services you need in an efficient, responsive, and proactive manner in your specific locations.

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Why HR Roulette

Innovative and intuitive technology

A key emphasis of the HR Roulette model is to focus on the user experience. Our dashboard is a key differentiator in our service delivery model, bringing clients direct oversight of their compliance position. Through the dashboard, you will be able to view all activity within our network, including the status of every task in every location, for every year, providing complete transparency in our services.

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Why HR Roulette

Growing together for a better tomorrow.

With strong commitment from our leaders, HR Roulette is positioned to provide services to you with distinction. We look forward to connecting with you to continue our personalized, long-term professional journey.

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